Give them what they’re looking for,

Birds love to eat bugs – after all, it’s their natural diet.
Our Black Soldier Fly Larvae are loaded with high-quality protein, omega 3s, and
at least 50x more calcium than mealworms! While mealworms are imported from
China, our grubs are raised sustainably here in the Pacific Northwest on fruit,
grain, and vegetables. We added in probiotics to promote complete digestion and
a healthy gut microbiome. Give the birds what they’re looking for, Bugs!

Affordable Quality

Least Expensive North American-Raised BSF Larvae on the Market!

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My chickens loved these grub worms. They are American made and come in a compostable bag – which is a huge bonus. I would highly recommend this product.

We stopped using soymeal and instead mix grubs into their regular feed – the girls love them.

bugsforbirds testimonial 3

I feel good about how healthy my chickens and their eggs will be. I’ll be ordering again and again!